2014 Arrives with a Brrm-tish!

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Yes, indeed.

You have had a full day to recover from whatever debauchery you got amongst last night, and I trust that you got in touch with the folks over at Chosen Bun in order to help you through your hangover.

To the more angelic among us: New Years Day Dawn Sprints are all very well and good but in order not to tip the balance too far in one direction one must pay attention to the rules of equilibrium, namely, a good old fashioned night of awesome home-grown music.

Step in The Troubadour.

This Friday, 3rd Jan 2014, they have a fabulous line up for you. One that’ll make you feel old even if you’re only tickling the last twinkle of your twenty-fifth year. Yup, these bands really are brand-spanking new.

The Debuts


The Debuts

So, roll up for the rather aptly named The Debuts. Swindon Indie band have already been rocking the southwest in support of the likes of The Maccabees and The Libertines. Harry Roke, Mitchell Dodson and Steven Baird promise to serenade you with a taste of their latest post punk pieces, my favourite being Runaway. Enjoy.

Tim De Graauw



Hailing from Johannesburg by way of  Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tim De Graauw now rides the NY-LON on the regular as he puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming album. Citing influences such as Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Gavin deGraw, and Eric Clapton Tim’s music is also a little tinged with the blues with a fine sprinkling of pop to finish.

BeachWalk Canvas


These siblings are West London locals and by all accounts a family of multi-instrumentalists; you’ll get a taste of guitars, ukulele, banjo, harmonica, glockenspiel and accordion during one of their shows. Beachwalk Canvass look like cherubs and deliver earnest and sweet indie/folk that won’t hurt your head on the first listen, which is nice.

Also playing:

Healyum and Hannah Kessler


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2014 Arrives with a Brrm-tish!
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