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Posted by Caroline Lofts

Elizabetta has owned and run this Earls Court bar since what seems the beginning of time. Wander down an unmarked alleyway and then down a small staircase, shrouded in foliage from a tree that shouldn’t be thriving given it’s below street level location, and you will find yourself in Ashbee’s; one of London’s hidden gems.

I bring it up now because the timing is so perfect, the weather is turning, we are all begrudgingly putting on our coats and scarves (not me, I love the fall) and we need something hearty and warm in our bellies lest we all fall unconscious from the sudden cold. So I give you a wine bar like no other.

The decor has remained unchanged since opening, pine-panelled walls, dated and flaking murals, creaky wooden chairs and tables and red checkered table cloths all go a long way to making you wonder if you haven’t accidentally slipped through some sort of time seam and ended up in Switzerland circa 1968.

Elizabetta will show you to your seat and ask quite abruptly, “What you want?”

Don’t be alarmed. This Polish princess has seen it all and has little time for pleasantries at first. But the ice can be melted. A little warmth and charm can very soon break down the seemingly indefatigable walls built up around Elisabetta and believe me, it’s worth the effort. She will tell you stories of time gone by that will make your ears pop. She can read your fortune and tell you all about your star sign. She will drink you under your table. Be warned.

But even though she is the star, there are other attractions vying for your attention; namely the wine list and the fondue.

Ashbee's Wine Bar -  Earls Court Life

The wine list is long and awesome. The fondue hot and cheesy and epic, served in generous portions and accompanied by a basket of soft, delicious fresh bread.

Come here for an evening drink and let time stand still. If you become a regular you might find yourself the recipient of a glass of Polish mead courtesy of the house. Leave filled with cheese and wine and ready to brave the long winter ahead.

 22-24 Hogarth Rd, London SW5 0QY
020 7373 6180



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Ashbee’s Wine Bar – Earls Court Life
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