Evans & Peel Detective Agency Earls Court

Best Cocktails – Evans & Peel – Earls Court

Posted by Caroline Lofts

While there is a plethora of watering holes in the Earls Court area to quench one’s thirst, I often long for a bit of that urban edge, the icy cool hand of a slick mixologist and a damned good Old Fashioned without having to brave the East End.

Luckily we have been blessed with a little nook that caters to all the above and I can practically see it from my sitting room window. I have to look closely though because Evan & Peel’s Detective Agency, like all good speakeasies, is marked only with a dimly lit streetlight and a rusty intercom.

You need to ‘book an appointment’ so that someone can ‘look over your case file’ and decide whether or not it is worthy of taking on. And if you fancy sporting your best Great Gatsby get up you won’t be the only one… 1920’s is the theme.

I don’t want to spoil the fun and in the interest of keeping this post on track I’ll cut straight to the chase. The cocktails here are excellent – dangerous, but excellent. E&P don’t deal in single shots, not that you’d notice as these drinks slide down like a dream.

My favourite? An A&T the namesake of a bartender who has long since moved on but the delicate cucumber, tea and vodka infusion he invented has stayed on and let me tell you, it packs a punch. The menu offers a smorgasbord of innovative combinations as well as a firm grasp of the originals, all served in cut glass or, in some cases, a teacup.

Arrive early, plead your case and stumble home.

Evan & Peels Detective Agency Earls Court


Evans & Peel Detective Agency
310c Earls Court Rd, West Brompton, London, SW5 9BA
020 7373 3573
Open 5pm-midnight Tue-Thur; 5pm-00.30 Fri-Sat


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Best Cocktails – Evans & Peel – Earls Court
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