Gusto Cafe Deli 2014, Earls Court

Brand New: Cafe Gusto

Posted by Caroline Lofts

How nice is it to have a local ‘mom & pops’ café sitting on your doorstep? I guess I should know by now that everything in Earls Court is on my doorstep and that Earls Court has practically everything in it.

Lately I have been particularly enjoying the freshly made juices at Cafe Gusto. My favourite is the Carrot, Apple and Beetroot but that’s not listed on the menu so you’ll have to ask for a Caro Special.

The Cafe is right on the main drag but still manages to give you an escape from the traffic once you are safely ensconced in the cafe itself. The menu boasts simple fair made beautifully. And FRESH! Breakfast is served nearly all day people, and this is important because it means you can have pancakes at 3pm if you so choose… Have you ever heard of a Shakahuka? That’s poached eggs on a home-made marinara sauce covered in melted cheese with a crusty baguette on the side. Yes please.


There are specialties to be had here, moussaka and meatballs are made and sold out daily. Their lasagna is outstanding. If you have a sweet tooth you are in for one heck of a sugar kick. The only thing not on display is the Apple Strudel but I defy you to get beyond the glass case filled with freshly baked cheese cake and glorious tiramisu. Yum.

But like I said, I’m only there for the juices…

Cafe Gusto
159 Earl’s Court Road, Earl’s Court, SW5 9RQ
020 36893391


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Brand New: Cafe Gusto
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