Brand New: The Parson's Nose - Earls Court Life

Brand New: The Parson’s Nose – Earls Court Life

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Did you know that we of the Earls Court have recently come into a very good high end butchers? Just in time for the holidays as well!

Yes, The Parson’s Nose has seen fit to open a new branch of their family owned, traditional butcher’s shop on the Old Brompton Road. Yes, I know! It’s right around the corner!

Brand New: The Parson's Nose - Earls Court Life

The teams at TPN, their other shops are located in Fulham and Putney, pride themselves on the collective knowledge they possess about their products, 165 years and counting, and actively encourage their customers to be curious about the cuts they are buying. If visiting the newest location you will probably run into Steve, the Head Meat Man, an extremely skilful and knowledgeable butcher who carefully selects and orders in the best quality meat from our farm suppliers and ages the meat further in their chiller room.

So interested in making sure that you are in the know, The Parson’s Nose offers actual butcher classes which range from Free Range half Lamb or Pig at £230.00 per person to a Sausage making class at £120.00 per person.

But if you’re just looking for a jolly good Christmas turkey this year then I would suggest you hurry over to the experts and see what they have in stock. And if you’re feeling adventurous, then go ahead and ask if they can order in a goose or two…

The Parson’s Nose
165 Old Brompton Road
Earls Court
t. 0207 835 0662


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Brand New: The Parson’s Nose – Earls Court Life
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