Chingari - Earls Court Life

Chingari – Earls Court Life

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Chingari, the newest addition to Earls Court’s restaurant set, serves Progressive Indian Food. As strap-lines go this could be construed as somewhat new-age, hipster speak for whatever the current favourite farm-to-table/organic/allotment grown (reared?)/shirataki-not-rice food trend happens to be.

But fear not. Progressive Indian Food simply means there is an emphasis on classical Indian cooking, using a mixture of traditional and fresh, locally sourced, ingredients, to produce combinations of dishes not usually found in western versions of Indian cooking.

And the food is very, very good. Chingari have produced a menu that surprises and delights in equal measure and all without pandering to the perceived pallet of the average British diner.

We began with some spiced potato stuffed aubergine that on the face of it should have tasted like those two things combined, and would have been unremarkable had it not been for the fact that both me and my guest were experiencing a brand new flavour that I can now only describe as ‘my new favourite thing to eat’.

We also tried the Macchi Amritsari which is whiting in a carom and gram flour batter with vine tomato chutney for dipping. Divine.

We shared our main, Makhani Chooze, a chicken tikka simmered in a rich tomato fenugreek sauce finished with cream and a basket of garlic naan and, while still absolutely delicious, this was our only nod to the ‘cheeky curry’.

We finished with a classic Indian dessert recommended to us by a fellow diner who had overheard our outwards ruminations on the benefits of a saffron poached pear verses a duo of brulee.



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Chingari – Earls Court Life
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