I’m Joining the Book Club

Posted by Caroline Lofts

I have tried and tried but it just hasn’t stuck.

I set up a book club with two of my friends. We all met up and chose a book, The Man Who Forgot His Wife, and we arranged a supper a couple of weeks later for discussion. It all felt very grown up, and a little bit like school all at once.

I did not read the book. I didn’t even buy the book let alone crack the spine. I did show up for dinner though. One of us had done their homework. The other had reached the halfway mark and given up. Maybe this was a lot like school…

So we may end up disbanding our own little group. But that’s OK because I have found out about a great new group, that meets every week, where tea and biscuits are the only form of currency and best of all where the books are provided by the local library.

The group meets at Brompton Library on Tuesday, 1st week of every month, 18:30-19:30 and is run by the lovely Jodie Green and Katie Collis.

For more information email: information@rbkc.gov.uk or visit www.rbkc.gov.uk/libraries


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I’m Joining the Book Club
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