It's Burger Time - Earls Court Life

It’s Burger Time – Earls Court Life

Posted by Caroline Lofts

I like me a good ole fashioned burger. Not those slippery excuses for a patty in a bun you find in McDonalds but a proper, can’t hardly fit your mouth around the first bite, spill down your chin cuz it won’t fit in burger in a bun.

And, luckily enough, there are a couple of options available to me and the good folk of Earls Court when it comes to getting our hands on a good chopped steak sandwich.

First out of the gate, Byron Burger. Their motto is to take one thing and do it properly. And they do exactly what they’ve promised. I’ve never been disappointed with a burger By Ron. They serve their namesake burger using prime Scottish beef, with a side of medium cut chips and, best of all, a juicy gherkin (which is not to everyone’s taste but a favourite addition of mine).

The Byron Burger

The Byron Burger

Next up is The Gourmet Burger Kitchen. These guys were actually one of the first joints to start really paying attention to the gap in the burger market and their extensive menu covers almost every variation you could dream up between two halves of a bun. In fact, they even do a burger served in an iceberg lettuce shell for those of you who are looking to ditch the carbs.

If carbs don’t send you into a corner to rock then might I suggest the Camemburger – a dangerous combination of Camembert, hash brown, truffle mayo, onion jam, relish all wrapped up neatly in a sweet brioche bun. It’s really rather good and perfect for this miserable weather.

The Camemburger

The Camemburger

And finally, if like, me you sometimes find yourself unable to peel yourself off your own couch then you’re going to want to get in touch with the folks over at The Chosen Bun – they deliver.

Let me put your mind at ease immediately by telling you that their packaging does everything physically possible to ensure that your burger arrives hot, yet aerated so absolutely never soggy, entirely upright and not a sesame seed out of place. These guys also offer some triple cooked potato wedges that would make Gordon Ramsay cry.

The Shoveman, named after the duo behind Chosen Bun, is the one to go for if you’re not yet initiated. One delicious beef patty, caramelised red onion & garlic chutney, lettuce, cheddar cheese, Shoveman sauce (presumably a secret recipe but ever so tasty), smoked streaky bacon and Nicks pickles. Sold? I thought so…

The Shoveman

The Shoveman

All in all we are a much taken care of bunch here in our little corner of West London when it comes to getting our burgers on. Still, if you think I may have missed out on something special then let me know here in the comments section. In the meantime, here are all the burger digits you will ever need:

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen
163-165 Earl’s Court Rd
020 7373 3184
The Chosen Bun
647 Fulham Road, SW6 5PU
020 7731 2411
Byron Burger
242 Earls Court Road, SW5 9AA
020 7370 7991



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It’s Burger Time – Earls Court Life
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