Movie Night @ Ping

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Those clever folks at Ping have figured out that Sunday nights can be a real drag. After all the effort you’ve put into to being fabulous on Friday and Saturday how on earth are you meant to muster the strength to sustain all that awesomeness for a whole extra day? Especially with Monday looming.

Well, have no fear. How about the best way to end your weekend all set up for your delectation by SOMEBODY ELSE?

It’s movie night people, and this month is Bromance month. Specifically that magical bond between Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller that has set screens alight for the last decade. The listings are as follows:

April 6th – Meet the Parents

April 13th – Wedding Crashers

April 20th – Tropic Thunder

April 27th – Zoolander

Doors open at 4pm and film starts at 7pm with FREE entry and FREE popcorn – you don’t get that kind of treatment at your local VUE. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.


PING. Kitchen, Bar & Ping Pong Rooms.
180-184 Earl’s Court Road.
Tel: 02073705358


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Movie Night @ Ping
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