Pils Pride Festival at The Finborough Arms

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Ok people, don’t I always bring you the best of the west?

Well, I must be on a roll right now because this weekend I am directing your attention towards the first (fingers crossed annual?) Pils Pride Beer Festival to be hosted at none other than every beer aficionado’s favourite pub, The Finborough Arms.

Yes indeed, this event is specifically highlighting lager which will be a refreshing change as beer festivals often tend to focus only on the ale. But lager has its devotees, and even as mass produced global brands continue to diminish its reputation some truly great examples of the pilsner style have emerged.

For fans of golden lagers The Finborough will be featuring a line up of as many as a dozen different world-class pilsners from breweries across Europe but also from here in the UK. One or two of them will never have been served in London before and I have even heard whispers of a brand new pilsner being launched at the event.

The festival will run from noon until close on both the 10th & 11th May. Free Entry.

You’re welcome.

Pils Pride
The Finborough Arms
118 Finborough Road, SW10 9ED




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Pils Pride Festival at The Finborough Arms
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