Ping Pong and Pizza

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Earls Court is serving up pizza by the slice and ping pong by the game. One of the latest crazes to rock New York City has bounced across the pond and landed squarely (or roundly) in our neighbourhood.

Table tennis, once a simple, nerdy side show for the ‘not-quite-sporty’ was transformed a few Olympics back by Asian speed demons in tiny shorts. Now, having long grown tired of being recognised as a genuine sport, ping pong is revived for the desperately hip. With bars and clubs popping up all over the shop proving that there is a clear market for ranked beer pong, it’s no wonder that a line forms around the block each Friday when Ping opens its doors.

But don’t just settle for the weekend, why not stop by for a Tournament Tuesday. Entry is free and there’s a £100 gift voucher for the lucky winner.

Ping Earls Court

Ping Earls Court

If you haven’t quite got your top spin perfected you can always get yourself a haircut at the eponymous Deano’s Barber Shop, located downstairs and cropping men’s barnetts from Monday-Wednesday 6-11pm.

If you’re like me and prefer a less pressured experience (the last time I played ping pong I hit myself in the face with my paddle) then just grab a stool, a beer and a pizza and take in the show.

Pizza at Ping Earls Court

Pizza at Ping Earls Court

180-184 Earl’s Court Rd, Earls Court, SW5 9QG
020 7370 5358
Mon-Wed 6-11pm
Thurs-Sat 6-2am
Closed Sunday


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Ping Pong and Pizza
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