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Quiz Night @ The Harwood Arms

Posted by Caroline Lofts

The Harwood Arms
Walham Grove  SW6 1QP
020 7386 1847

Let me start by saying, ‘We Won!!”

Phew, glad I got that out of my system. But seriously, I never win ANYTHING so this was a fantastically exciting first for me. But even if I had come in very last I still would have enjoyed many victories on Tuesday evening.

First of all there is limited space at this event, held every four to six weeks at The Harwood, so you must book well in advance. Because there is a cap on numbers it simply feels like a lively and well-filled dining room that, all of a sudden come 8pm, turns into an epic quiz crusade.

We were all seated by 7.30 and had ordered a bottle of white and a bottle of red from the extensive and incredibly well devised wine list. You can’t go wrong when picking from this list, it’s that good.


The tables were very simply dressed, a nod to country kitchens complete with string-tied napkins and a posy of fresh wild flowers in the centre. A cloth basket for the freshly baked bread and a pat of proper butter to slather all over it saved me from a very fast slide into an impending wine slump – it was sooo hot on Tuesday night and the white went down like a cool breeze.

The menu was a pared down version of the a la carte you might find here on a regular night but still sang with only three options available for each course. I had the Treacle Cured Smoked Salmon with Apple, Whiskey and Watercress and it was a perfect opener.

It was hard not to be completely distracted by the food by the time the battle had commenced but with questions like, ‘Find the only other word that can be made up from all the letters in Monastery.’ one had to keep their wits about them which hardly seemed fair to this exquisite meal. The answer was Oysterman, who knew? Us, that’s who.

photo (1)

We were further bombarded with questions about planet density, Russian method acting, the oldest living James Bond – I managed to identify Jamie Cullum’s chin but not Tina Turner’s forehead – but again the main attraction for me was the Short rib of Ruby Red beef with celeriac, pickled walnuts and smoked bone marrow.  It was heaven.

In the end there was a four way tie and an extra decider question was added. What is the square mileage of the UK? Closest got the win. I must say the answers were varied and we were close but still 30,000 miles off. Never the less we won the day, four main meals! I still had time to thoroughly savour my Frozen goat’s curd with vanilla, strawberries and blueberries. Holy cow/goat! That was tasty.

I would highly recommend this evening to anyone with a taste for fine food, fun and competition. Only a modicom of general knowledge required – so long as you have five other people on your team.



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Quiz Night @ The Harwood Arms
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