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Food: Kappa Japanese Restaurant

Posted by Caroline Lofts

I realise I have gone a long time now without writing about one of the restaurants I happen to eat in most in Earls Court. Go figure!

Kappa has been a part of the Earls Court dining scene for some time now and is a local favourite. Located towards the entrance to the Earls Court Road where the Cromwell Road crosses it means there isn’t a huge amount of footfall relative to the rest of the area and so Kappa has had to rely on good food and good service to tempt its patrons back for seconds. And they have returned, for seconds, thirds and more. It’s rare to see an empty seat after 7.30pm on any given night so it’s worth calling and booking just in case.

The restaurant floor is small, perhaps only 40 covers in total, and the decor is simple and practical, a clean canvass for the presentation of some rather delicious food.

To start I would recommend the MAGURO NO TATAKI (Seared tuna with garlic chips and spring onion with ponzu sauce), this is a light dish that packs a punch of flavour and is lovely accompaniment to the YAKI ASPARA (Grilled asparagus & pak choi with teriyaki sauce).

No matter whether you’re a die hard sushi fan or interested in exploring the other elements of  the traditional Japanese menu there is something here for everyone.

SASHIMI MORIAWASE is a mixed Chef’s selection of sashimi and will include the usual suspects as well as some less expected flavours such as HOKKIGAI (Surf Clam) and IKURA (Salmon Roe).

I do so love Black Cod in Sweet Miso and the one served here is to die for. If you fancy a little bit of sizzle then try out the TEPPANYAKI, served piping on a hot metal tray you can opt for the vegetarian Pan grilled tofu and assorted vegetable with teriyaki sauce or try a BEEF YAKINIKU with a fruity garlic soy sauce.

Green tea ice cream rounds the meal off for me but to each their own… Enjoy!

Kappa Japanese Restaurant
139 Earls Court Road, SW5 9RH
0207 244 9196


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Food: Kappa Japanese Restaurant
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