The Little French Restaurant - Earls Court Life

The Little French Restaurant – Earls Court Life

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Have you had enough rain yet Earls Court? Are you soaked through, feeling the damp and cold right to the bone?

Well then, can I interest you in some steaming hot French Onion Soup followed by a delicious Coq au Vin with a side of the crispiest french fries? Let’s polish that off with a warm French Apple Tart and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Sounds good, right? There’s just one hitch. It’s all going to cost you under a tenner. That’s right folks, £9.95 to be exact. So, if you need to quickly check the address and postcode to make sure you’re still in Kensington & Chelsea; please take a moment to do this now.

The Little French Restaurant - Earls Court Life

Everything cushdy? Great!

Some red wine you say? Why certainly. There is a generous wine list for you to peruse but there’ll be nothing on here that costs more than £25. Yes, I am aware that’s usually about where wines prices start on most menus.

But that’s the thing about this long standing but tiny eatery tucked away in the Kenway Passage, they pride themselves on being cheap and good. At the same time! Can you imagine?

You’ll need to book if you’re hoping for dinner any time between 7pm and 10pm but it’s such a lovely little place and the food is so traditional and warming that I’d recommend it every time.

And, as much as it’s a romantic date venue (that won’t burn through your wallet at hyper speed), this restaurant is also lovely for larger groups as well, ask about their upstairs room, all dark wood carvings, panelled walls and candlelight.

For a feast that’s not a fortune, book now.


The Little French Restaurant
18 Hogarth Road, Earls Court, SW5 0QY
020 7370 0366


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The Little French Restaurant – Earls Court Life
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