The Mission Earls Court

The Mission – Personal Fitness in Earls Court

Posted by Caroline Lofts

The sun has been threatening to come out for some time here in Earls Court, but only in the last few days has it made good on those warnings and, as such, I haven’t felt the suffocating sensation of trying to squeeze into last year’s summer dress… until today.

I remember the days when summer wasn’t solely designed to make you feel rotund and desperately guilty with every lick of your ice-cream cone. The nauseating knowledge that after a certain point in your life these sweet distractions actually do make a semi-permanent pitt stop on your hips. In my case it’s as if I have been encased inside a whole extra person, a life sized Russian doll made of cellulite and claiming squatter’s rights on my body. And at times like these I need all the help I can get.

Lucky then that The Mission has opened its doors on the Old Brompton Road. A private exercise studio offering one on one services for those of us who are truly serious about shifting that bulk. A team of seven trainers, all with their own specialties, will knock you into shape in no time using the local parks as a backdrop as well as their private studio facilities.

The Mission Earls Court

As well as all the expected options that a personal training group might have, The Mission goes a few steps further, well, all the way to Andelucia for an exclusive (only 6 spaces are available on any one retreat) fitness camp away from all the temptations and divertissement of every day life.

The Mission Earls Court

If you can’t get away this summer then might I point you in the direction of the Vacu Therapy that they offer? It sounds a lot like what it is; get your self into some shorts and a tank top and climb inside the vacu booth. Its fat burning straight from the USA and your first session is free. There are some who swear by it, particularly those who are having trouble with that post-natal drift…

Oh wait, that’s me. See you there then.

The Mission
249 Old Brompton Rd, Earls Court, SW5 9HP
07806 778278


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The Mission – Personal Fitness in Earls Court
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