The Post-Easter Workout at SOHO Gym

Posted by Caroline Lofts

The thing is it’s just reached the point where I’m not so fussed about whether my trousers fit anymore but rather more importantly whether I can make it up a flight of stairs without going into cardiac arrest.

I used to be a gym bunny, then I had a baby, and then some cake.

For the last two years I have been flitting from one exercise fad to the next (minimal commitment, maximum spend of course) and not really bothering to get fit along the way.

At first I joined Equinox on High Street Kensington. This gym is not for the faint hearted. The main workout area is a like a Thunderdome with weight and cardio machines. Everyone in the room looks like they could take you down with a pinky flick and they also look as if they spent a long time choosing their outfits. It’s an odd combination and I instinctively felt as if I wasn’t going to fit in – to any of those kinds of clothes.

My next stop was Virgin Active, again on the High Street. Supremely plush, fresh from a million pound makeover, I actually quite enjoyed my time here. Plus  my membership allowed  me to access other Virgin Active health clubs and I would also frequent the Fulham Pools on the Lily Road. BUT. It was way too far for me to go to workout. Getting there was a work out. Which meant that getting back right after a workout was also a workout which was dreadful.

I thought about going back to Heartcore Pilates. Heartcore have some of the best workouts on the market today. Modern reformer beds and experienced teachers turned my body into a traffic-stopper back in 2009. But post baby these workouts just made me cry, so no dice.

As I walked out of the wine shop a few months back I spotted it. My old forgotten friend the SOHO Gym. I used to go there and train back when I was in my twenties. When the gym was a renowned muscle man hang out and I was one of five or six ladies who dared enter.

I went in to ask about prices and contracts. Really friendly and helpful staff had me signed up in a jiffy, prices were low and I had the name of a personal trainer tapped into my phone. Liam Horne, by the way, who I would recommend highly but then all the trainers at SOHO are awesome really.

I’ve been training at SOHO for about eight weeks now, and I feel really strong and good. And it has everything I need right there, about four seconds away from my front door. So, having consumed a chocolate bunny the size of my head this weekend past I am now on my way to best gym for me. Later!

254 Earls Court Road W.8, London SW5 9AD
020 7370 1402

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The Post-Easter Workout at SOHO Gym
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