Urban Winemaking with London Cru

Posted by Caroline Lofts

Sometimes it can feel as if the ‘First Evers!’ in London are strictly reserved for those trendy East Enders, but today I bring you something entirely unique to this city that is right in our hood.

London Cru is the first ever Central London Winery. That’s right, they are actually making wine next door to you. Not only that, but they’ll let you get in on the action if you so choose.

First things first though. Shall I say first again? These guys aren’t messing around, and though they might well be a novelty, there’s nothing throw away here. Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera are all on the menu and some of the finest regional grapes are being imported from specially sourced growers.

Notwithstanding the possibility of coiffing some excellent plonk, which hasn’t had to suffer the indignity of travelling any distance before it hits your lips, you can also have a direct hand in making your very own case. How awesome is that? It’s very, very awesome.

So, without further ado I shall now list two of their many events that you should immediately mark in your calendar. Do it. Do it now.

WEDNESDAY 2ND APRIL @ 7PM – Winery: Meet the Cru Tour         £15  BOOK TICKET

SATURDAY 12TH APRIL @11AM – Winery: Winemaker for a Day    £125  BOOK TICKET

London Cru
21-27 Seagrave Rd, London SW6 1RP
020 7381 7871



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Urban Winemaking with London Cru
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