Wine Wednesdays at The Drayton Arms

Posted by Caroline Lofts

The sun is out and I predict a heatwave. And what goes better with a heatwave than a lovely glass of Rosé? And what goes better with a glass than a bottle? And what, pray tell, is better than 20% off that bottle EVERY WEDNESDAY?

Nothing, that’s what.

The Drayton Arms are continuing their tradition of serving up lovely vino at reasonable prices well into the summer and today I suggest you take advantage! I will give you a rundown of the Rosés and the rest you can devine for yourselves…

Alpha Zeta / Corvina
Corvina’s distinctive flavor is of sour cherries. However, Corvina grapes have thick skins and often undergo appassimento – the process of partially drying grapes before fermenting them. Such wines show more raisin and dried-fruit flavors, usually with a distinctive richness.
Rubini Blush /Pinot Grigio
Light Pink, with intense fruit, retro strawberry – medium body, floral with pleasant finish.
Innocent Bystander Rose / Pinot Noir
Elegant strawberry flavour zips onto the front of the palate and blueberry, mint and mineral characters join in on the middle plate. The finish has steely acid and a touch a savoury tannins.

Enjoy! x

The Drayton Arms
153 Old Brompton Rd, London SW5 0LJ


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Wine Wednesdays at The Drayton Arms
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